Cedar oil - what hair type is it for?

Cedar oil is produced from coniferous trees that grow in clean and unpolluted areas of tundra. It is obtained from the seeds (often called pine nuts), which Siberian cedar breeds. Only few people know that this oil is an amazing cosmetic for hair. Russians define it as a "hair healer." Oil of cedar outperforms not only all drugstore cosmetics, but also many natural oils. This is because as one of the few, has so many minerals and microelements, as well as a high concentration of vitamin E and F (many sources claim that it contains five times more vitamin E than olive oil).

Cedar oil perfectly cares of hair, enhances its growth and prevents hair loss, restores radiance, vitality and resilience. It also takes care of the scalp, thanks to its antiseptic and anti-ageing properties. Oil will take care of even very sensitive scalp, ease irritation, inflammation and infection.

Due to the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega - omega 3 - 6 (especially linoleic and linolenic acids), it shall be classified as a non-penetrating oil with large particles. This information is extremely important for your care because very damaged and dry hair of poor health and high porosity require a specific group of fatty acids that will provide comprehensive protection and regeneration. For example, tiny particles of fatty acids present in coconut oil may, unfortunately, cause frizz to high porosity hair. Therefore, natural oils must be chosen accordingly to the degree of porosity of your hair. If your strands are weak, dry, damaged and brittle - do not hesitate, reach for cedar oil. Its large particles will protect hair match to the degree of raised scales on the stem. Fatty acids with large particles, from the omega - 3 and omega - 6 groups, provide high porosity strands with adequate regeneration. A large amount of vitamin E contained in cedar oil will slow down the ageing process of hair, delay greying and strengthen hair follicles. A set of minerals and vitamins that cedar oil contain, contributes to healthy hair growth and provides an adequate level of hydration, inhibits growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin, stops hair loss and stimulates wisps growth. Cedar oil regulates the work of sebaceous glands on the scalp and does not allow toxic components from the environment to penetrate into the hair. All this makes cedar oil an excellent remedy for all diseases of the scalp and perfect regeneration for damaged hair.