The Best Products with Cedar Oil and Pine Oil. From Head To Toe Beauty Care

Natural Siberian pine oil and essential cedar oil are often mixed up. The other one is more common in beauty products. However, it is Siberian pine oil that offers the richest nutrients and takes excellent care of your skin and hair. What are the best products containing the oil?

Discover the healing power of cedar, known to the inhabitants of Siberia yet just discovered by cosmetic companies. Cold-pressed cedar oil can be a key ingredient of cosmetics.

Natural cedar oil

It is a perfect product that helps people deal with problems of a hectic lifestyle. We live in a stressful world, forget about proper diet, lack time for taking care of our looks, breathe in air pollution. Luckily, cedar oil removes toxins from our body thus improves both our appearance and health. We should include it in our daily care to keep in shape.

Cedar oil has lots of beauty benefits:

  • eliminates oiliness and dandruff,
  • has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • reinforces, reduces hair thinning,
  • effectively cleanses the skin.


Nanoil Hair Oil for low porosity hairUsing pine oil in scalp and hair care is very helpful while fighting with dandruff, oiliness and inflammation. It strengthens hair, controls the function of scalp, soothes irritation and hinders thinning. You can find the best quality pine oil in Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair.

Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair is a product that:

  • ideally matches hair porosity (structure),
  • stays in harmony with natural processes of hair and scalp,
  • works from within and leaves a protective layer,
  • contains as many as 9 natural vegetable oils (including Argan Oil and Pine Oil),
  • is enriched with 6 additional substances e.g. vitamins, panthenol and UV filter,
  • stops hair thinning and boosts hair growth thanks to kerastim and baicapil,
  • has an ultralight consistency thus does not weigh hair down,
  • speeds up blow-dry routine, facilitates styling and adds volume,
  • provides complex protection against heat, sunlight, etc.


Planeta Organica Facial OilFacial products with cedar oil let you keep young looks. Cedar oil purifies the skin, removing impurities from clogged pores and enriching the skin with nutrients. It is excellent for oily and mature skin. Cedar oil blocks ageing and locks in moisture. Planeta Organica Nourishing Facial Oil for all skin types includes cedar oil.

Planeta Organica Facial Oil:

  • is based on goji berry, jericho rose, sea buckthorn oil
  • contains more or less 28 natural vegetable oils and 6 plant extracts,
  • intensively moisturises and nourishes,
  • is a lightweight formula for all skin types.


Yves Rocher Cedar Wood and Lime Shower GelSkin treatment with the use of natural oil is a very good solution for the entire body. Cedar oil is especially recommended for seborrhoea, eczema or irritated skin. It eliminates early signs of skin ageing and restores its water-lipid balance. Also, it ensures proper functioning of the glands in it. Thus, it is worth trying out, for example Yves Rocher Cedar Wood and Lime Shower Gel

  • it reduces the risk of drying by providing moisture,
  • it is an accurate combination of Cedar Wood aromas with fresh citrus,
  • it can be used for washing body and hair,
  • leaves a pleasant, soft feeling on the skin.


Molton Brown Rockrose & Pine Enriching Hand LotionCedar oil is the ideal solution for winter time, when the skin of your hands is chopped and requires protection from low temperatures and is in need of in-depth hydration. Such cosmetics maintain hand’s silky softness, improve the condition of nails and cuticles. It is difficult to find a good Cedar oil-based hand cream, however, one of the cosmetics worth recommending is Molton Brown.
Molton Brown Rockrose & Pine Enriching Hand Lotion:

  • contains skin-enriching complex with the necessary nutrients,
  • provides cashmere smoothing and soothing,
  • improves the moisture level of the skin of the hands in 24 hours,
  • one of the few hand creams with cedar oil,
  • an aromatherapeutic smell of wood, amber and pepper.


Natural Cedar oil is included in Natura SibericaThere is a reason, why Cedar oil is a base for many lotions and foot masks. This is a great massage oil. The most valuable nutrients are absorbed into the skin just when the application is combined with a gentle massage. It is especially recommended for dry and cracked foot skin. Natural Cedar oil is included in Natura Siberica (Sauna & Spa Natural Siberian Foot Butter).

Oil from Natura Siberica is a cosmetic that:

  • combines the properties of Chinese citrus, Cedar and Lavender oil,
  • ensures the skin’s smoothness and softness,
  • helps in healing micro cracks and removal of keratinization,
  • does not contain harmful chemicals.

Cedar Oil – nutrients
How does Cedar oil differ from other oils? Among its components, you can distinguish about fifty substances where most of them are responsible for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Cedar Oil is the wealth of vitamin F and vitamin E (antioxidants). Also, it includes vitamin A and B that improve the production of magnesium. Moreover, it contains essential fatty acids: saturated, up to 27.8% omega-3 (linolenic), up to 35.8% omega-9 (oleic) and up to 71.1% omega-6 (linoleic). They are extremely essential in hair care.

Many cosmetics include essential cedar oil that is responsible for the aroma. It has aromatherapeutic properties yet can cause irritation when you apply it to skin and hair. You should avoid essential oils in beauty care. If you search for products with cedar oil, it should be cedar oil extracted from the nuts of Siberian pine (Oleum Pini Sibirica, Siberian Pine Oil, Pinus Sibirica Oil), not essential cedar oil (Cedrus Atlantica Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Juniperus Virginiana Oil). See for yourself that cold-pressed Cedar Oil can be a key ingredient in hair care.