Cedar oil for hair: A handful of interesting facts

Cedar oil is worshipped by the inhabitants of taiga. It is extracted from nuts of Siberian pine – a tree unique due to its medicinal properties. 

beauty.jpg– Siberian pine emits phytoncides that kill pathogenic bacteria and repelling insects -therefore, the air in the forests, where the cedar trees are in majority, is very clean.

– Siberian pine also produces substances of disinfectant properties. It allows cedar oil to sooth inflammation on the scalp and eliminates dandruff and psoriasis. Clean scalp has beneficial effects on hair, it strengthens it and makes it grow healthy.

Cedar oil produced from Siberian pine rich in copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and iodine. Such accumulation of ingredients makes cedar oil unique. All these elements are essential in hair care. Thanks to it, the strands grow healthier, hair follicles are strengthened, wisps stop falling out and become soft, shiny, vigorous and resilient.

– Cedar oil is a wealth of B vitamins, vitamin F, vitamin E and A and C. As a result, it inhibits the ageing process of the skin and hair, it strengthens hair follicles and prevents increased hair loss. Additionally, it provides wisps with a beautiful color and prevents fading, drying and becoming dull.. It is worth mentioning that cedar oil contains more vitamin E than olive oil or coconut oil.

– Cedar oil stimulates hair growth. It will be beneficial for all who try to grow their strands or struggle with alopecia.

– If you want your cedar oil to retain its beauty and health properties, it cannot have any contact with metal. Therefore, you cannot use metal spoons to apply the product. Moreover, during the production of oil,  the highest standards are maintained: the oil is in no way heated but pressed with wooden press that preserve its all “magical” properties.

– Cedar oil can be applied to the hair and scalp on its own as a mask (conditioner), or added to creams and lotions.

– Residents of taiga call the Siberian pine “tree-host” or “secret tree” and worship it. Pine nuts, the oil extracted from them or cedar flour are the basis of nutrition and care of the inhabitants of Siberia.