Cedar oil for hair: Power of Siberian nature

Cedar oil is a unique and very valuable oil extracted from the nuts of Siberian cedar. It is extremely popular and almost cherished in Russia and countries of the Far East. The inhabitants of these regions use it mainly as a diet supplement because it facilitates proper functioning of digestive system. Women also use it as a hair and skin care product. Cedar oil works as an excellent hair repairing conditioner. When you massage it in the body, it moisturises the skin but leaves no greasy layer.

hair-care.jpgWhy is cedar oil so beneficial to hair?

– cedar oil contains a large concentration of good fatty acids (mainly polyunsaturated – linoleic) – omega-3 and omega-6. That is why, it is able to repair even most damaged and shine-less hair.

vitamin E prevents premature greying. The vitamin is known as the fountain of youth and it is essential to hair: its deficit makes hair bulbs weaker and hair grows more slowly. If we provide deliver vitamin E, we will boost hair growth and stop hair loss.

group B vitamins (mainly riboflavin and thiamin) – important vitamins that must be delivered non-stop because our body doesn’t produce them. They strengthen the hair stem and play a key role in cell division. Simply put, hair provided with group B vitamins gets stronger, healthier and grows more quickly.

– cedar oil has also soothing properties so it is invaluable in conditioning even sensitive scalp.

vitamin F makes cedar oil mild and safe. It stops the occurrence of any allergies. Vitamin F reacts against any infections and has a beneficial influence on hair, skin and nails. It facilitates work of sebaceous glands thus hinders excessive sebum production on the scalp and normalizes its too low level.

If you use cedar oil regularly, it will noticeably improve the condition and appearance of your hair and scalp as well as repair damaged strands. Cedar oil will keep proper moisture in hair and make it grow healthy and strong.